If we conduct a poll amongst kids and ask them which subject scares them the most? The majority of them are going to answer Math. This subject has been scaring kids for a long time and it has been challenging for parents to eliminate that scare. 

Our day-to-day activities might revolve around math. However, kids find it difficult to understand the number world because we have created that perception for them. Inculcating the knowledge of numbers at an early age will help to develop an interest in numbers in them. Of course, not every kid is going to love math. But at least you can try to remove the math anxiety from them.


Benefits Of Starting Math Early!

Beginning math learning at an early age has an impact on the child’s brain development as well. Researchers have linked brain development and math learning ability and found out that it has enhanced the capability of problem-solving and critical thinking. It is explained by the concept called Neuronal plasticity.

Neuronal plasticity is an important concept that is often ignored by parents and teachers. It is the ability to increase neural synapses in the brain. Early learning, especially subjects like math will help to form more synapses in a kid’s brain. This enhances their critical thinking, problem-solving and boosts their memory. Researchers say that learning math at an early age has the potential in improving a kid’s neuronal plasticity and critical thinking. A challenging task will trigger the kid to put more effort into figuring out the solution. This, in turn, will trigger brain growth in kids. 


If math can offer us so much then probably we should also try making it creative and interesting. It can get difficult to make your kid sit in front of the problem. But activity-based learning can make them curious and increase their inquisitiveness.

As A Parent, How Can You Help Your Kids To Stay Away From Math Fear?


Start With Identification!

This is the initial step to start with kids. Go easy on kids and start the journey of numbers with your surroundings. Because math is literally found everywhere. Include your kids in your daily chores like –

  1. Helping you in the kitchen with groceries or water measurements, 
  2. Identifying numbers from the telephone book, streets, parking lot
  3. Counting coins and newspaper stack 
  4. Use math activity books that are available in stores
  5. If you are a working parent then you can opt for a Daycare Near You to handle these activities. 

These are some basic techniques that you can use to make kids familiar with numbers.

Learn With Counting Fingers

Counting Fingers

Most of us have started our number counting journey with this technique. This is the easiest way of explaining to kids about addition and subtraction with no special effort. You can similarly make them count their toys, household items, steps while climbing a staircase, trees or plants around your building, etc.

Math Games

Games like Block building, construction toys, playing with shapes, toys having the arrangement of colors and shapes etc are designed for kids to explore. These games will make them aware of patterns, shapes, and sizes. Spend some time with them explaining the importance of all these. Play with them and make it an interesting session. Let them group all shapes into one place and observe the pattern. The block building game is exclusively designed to serve this purpose. Compare the sizes of the blocks built and make them understand about measurements. To plan out these things and devote time to kids might sound feasible to household executives, but the ones working in the office may find it difficult. Some of these activities are conducted in preschools as well and if you are looking out for the best preschool in Indore, then Tulip Kids International has intriguing activities designed for your kids according to their age groups.


Sing With Math

Rhymes are the easiest way of getting to the kids. You can make them count numbers and teach them the basics through rhymes. But for this, you will have to learn the counting rhymes that are easily available on the internet. One such counting rhyme which has been popular through generations is given below.

Baa, baa, black sheep,

Have you any wool?

Yes, sir, yes, sir,

Three bags full;

One for my master,

one for my dame,

and one for the little boy

Who lives down the lane.

Math Puzzles for preschoolers

Math Puzzles

Math is a subject of variability. You can easily come up with intriguing puzzles and riddles to add more fun to the game. Let your kids also create some puzzles.


Creativity And Math

Math can turn into creative learning if you wish to. You can create numbers or even dolls and make your kids count them. You can also play with paper and pictorial cards. But hands in clay/mud sounds like a fun activity right?


Kids in the preschool stage are not ready for abstract learning. You need to start right from the grassroots level. These day-to-day activities and fun activities can have your kid’s attention toward math. Let your kid explore the number and not stay away from it. If you are planning to enroll your kid in the best preschool in Indore, then feel free to reach out to Tulip Kids International, Indore.