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Introducing A US Preschool Chain Now In India!
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What We Stand For

 Tulip Kids, A US based preschool chain, which provides quality Child care/Preschool, After School and Summer Camps across multiple locations in USA is now coming to India. We plan to offer the similar early childhood education that sets up apart from others at our location in Indore, MP India.

 What sets us apart from other child care, schools, and enrichment centers is our dedication to nurturing “the whole child”. We believe that children should be encouraged to learn as much as they can, and in order for them to enjoy learning, and therefore more likely to become life-long learners, it’s our responsibility to make it fun for them.

 We also pay special attention to the most up-to-date research-based educational practices, such as developing desirable 21st Century skills, including creative and logical problem solving, scientific literacy in an ever-changing world, effective collaboration and enhanced ability to communicate ideas.

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Why Indore Became Our First Choice of Launching

Since the founders of Tulip Kids had their roots in Indore, it was selected as the city for launching Tulip Kids in India. Another strong reason was Indore being declared the ‘Cleanest City of India’. It served as a perfect example of teamwork and achievement. Indore is also, apart from being socially active and having a moderate climate, considered being one of the fastest growing tier-II cities in India.

Our Vision

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

The Tulip Centers exist for serving the families who entrust us to care for and to educate their children. Parents and teachers have a bonded partnership in their common goal to raise up each individual child to be a happy, productive adult, who is well-prepared for the responsibilities of meaningful work, informed citizenship, and community/global engagement.

We and our staff are committed to providing an environment which is safe, caring, respectful, and orderly, in which children may trust that the adults will assist them thoughtfully to learn important concepts, to develop skills, to discover and nurture new talents/interests, to enjoy their time spent in Tulip Centers, and to incrementally develop responsibilities and autonomy.


We will maintain high-end standards and expectations for ourselves and others, including the children, because it sends a message to children that we believe in them and in their ability to succeed. All aspects of our programs are child-centered and mindful of individual learning styles/preference to fully realize our underlying goal for each child to feel happy and successful.


A Message From

Our founders

“Tulip Kids International is founded upon our passion for nurturing children and families. ‘Your children light up our world ‘ is not a slogan we found in an anthology of aphorisms about kids, the words are from our hearts and a true expression of how we feel. We never grow tired of making a positive impact on children of our institution” — Ms. Deepti & Ms. Sneha

 Our Core beliefs about Children

The two most important jobs in the world are parenting and teaching. Our most valuable national treasure is our children. Within them lies every possibility for a brighter future and a better world in which to live, work, and play. Therefore, the thoughtful education of every child must be viewed as a critical priority, second only to keeping them safe and healthy, and giving them a solid foundation of self-worth, strong social values, and ethics. Contributing to any child’s development is a joyous privilege and a serious responsibility. Children energize us and make us better than we ever thought we could be.



What Parents are Saying

Our daughter started at Tulip Kids Academy Lawrence station when she was 11 months old. It is one of the hardest decision to let someone else take care of your child. The amazing teachers in the infant class made this considerably easy for our family. The teachers are caring, dedicated, approachable and fun. The development we saw in her during the year was phenomenal. Apart from her growing interest in many activities, she also learned to respect others and well behaved. I have to specially mention Miss Gowthami, the bond my daughter has with her is truly exceptional. I consider my daughter blessed to have a teacher like her.

Thanks Miss Deepthi, Miss Claudia and all teachers for creating a clean, fun, nurturing environment.

I initially selected this pre-K due to the close proximity to my workplace, and have been extremely happy with the school.
My daughter is reluctant to leave when I pick her up. She often mentions that mommy came too early and she didn’t get the chance to do the arts and crafts activity or go play outside, and it is very easy to drop her off and say good bye. Her teacher, Ms Sindhu is warm and kind, with the right dose of authority to gain my daughter’s trust.
Overall, a very happy experience, and I know that my daughter will be well prepared for Kindergarten, since they are already anticipating on a lot of the learnings.

Where do I start with this school?
Let’s start with the director (Claudia), she’s amazing! She’s very professional, loves all the children, and really cares for their well being.
My daughter is in the pre-k classroom, and we absolutely LOVE IT. We love the teachers so much!! Especially Mrs. Sindu. She’s like a second mother to my daughter. We adore her incredibly. We are so blessed to have her as a teacher!!
This is a vegetarian school, which I love! Delicious Indian food that my daughter loves!! This school is everything we could’ve only wished for…. and so much more!!
I highly highly recommend this school to anyone who wants their child to blossom in every aspect!”

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Location: 11, Bima Nagar, Anand Bazaar Indore, India

Call : 095755 459520731 - 4999788

Email: info@tulipkidsindia.com

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