Why choose online learning?

When we think or hear about school, the first thought that crosses our minds is the ideal and traditional chalk and board method. But for the last two years all of us have been stuck in a corner. We all thought education was arriving at a standstill condition. The question was tackled with technology. And toddlers were introduced to the online learning culture, which initially proved to be a discomfort. 

Having said and done about online education, all we got to hear was how online education was not fit for this community? Let’s have a look at how this new normal can turn into a boon and enrich the kids with knowledge. 

No need to rush your kids in the early morning.

 Early to bed, early to rise may sound good. But for parents living in urban areas, going to bed turns out to be midnight. Again waking up a kid in the morning, and getting them ready for school is the most tiring job for parents in the morning. Also, parents have to rush for their office work and manage to drop the kids off on time. The whole scene turns chaotic in the morning. Not to forget, kids need more sleep during their early age, to enhance their overall brain development. Online learning provides the flexibility of starting classes late. Kids can complete their sleep peacefully. 

Staying safe at home

When we let the kids out, we cannot monitor their activities, especially during this pandemic time when you can’t be sure of how the infection is spread. So, it is better to opt for online education.

Hobby enhancement time

Young age is meant for exploring new things. After school would be so tiring for kids to catch up with their hobbies and play. Once online lectures and homework are done, they are free to play and complete their routine. No more travel time wastage!

Free from distractions

Early age is a very sensitive period. Kids get influenced by bad habits very easily which is a concerning thing for parents. With online learning, they don’t have to experience chatty peer conversations, bullying and misbehavior. They can completely focus on their studies and enjoy their free time.

One on one interaction with the teacher

In traditional schooling, kids feel shy to ask questions in front of their peers in the fear of getting bullied by their classmates and various other reasons. Here they can interact with the teacher directly, literally one on one conversation to get their query solved. This boosts confidence in kids to speak up and interaction skills.

Cost effective option

With online learning, teachers provide the students with e-study material, so they do not need to buy textbooks and workbooks. Additionally, no more expenses for traveling, tuitions, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

This might be a Westernized culture of education, but it fits well for the current generation. Moving parallelly with technology, this is a new step towards transformation which is a convenient option for parents as well as for kids. Like every coin, even online learning has its pros and cons. It is we who have to decide whether to consider the pros or cons for our well being.

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