About Tulip Inc USA

Tulip Kids Inc., a USA based educational initiative established in 2010, provides quality Child care / Preschool, After School and Summer programs through its multiple locations in USA.

Tulip Kids Inc. is now expanding its horizon to India to offer the same quality childcare and preschool services. Tulip team is very excited to announce the opening of their first international center outside USA in Indore, India (in Palasia area), which has a very vibrant and socially aware society (clearly demonstrated by being # 1 clean city in India for two years in a row) 

What sets Tulip apart from other child care, schools, and enrichment centers, is their dedication to a holistic approach – one that is about nurturing “the whole child”. Tulip’s philosophy of “multiple intelligence theory” to help kids learn and get them ready to face the future with confidence creates a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Please find out more about Tulip Kids by exploring www.tulipkidsinc.com

Location: 11, Bima Nagar, Anand Bazaar Indore, India

Call  095755 45952

Email: info@tulipkidsindia.com

School Hours: M-F: 8am – 3pm

Tulip's philosophy- Whole Child Approach

Our teaching and learning philosophy is based on Multiple Intelligence theory developed by Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University. A child can be taught in a wide variety of ways using music, cooperative learning, art activities, role play, multimedia, field trips, inner reflection, and much more.

Children at Tulip Kids are valued members of the learning environment, with their individual needs and interests helping shape the curriculum. Through thematic teaching, Tulip Kids brings together various aspects of the curriculum into meaningful association. Social studies, emergent literacy, mathematics, science, music, art and sports classes are introduced each day. Play and exploration are also vital components of the learning process. Each classroom follows a developmentally appropriate curriculum to strengthen and increase the skills and knowledge of each child.


Tulip Kids’s preschool programs

Junior Pre-School (15-24M)

Our interactive Preschool Prep curriculum is a program designed to nourish the cognitive and social development of children aged 15-24 months. Here at Tulip Kids Academy we provide our Junior preschoolers with a nurturing environment, regular teacher-child interaction, personal care, and a home away from home. Our goal is to provide a committed program to making your child’s first transition away from home easy and natural. Our program engages the Jr Preschoolers, and sparks curiosity and socialization, gives play time and experiences to boost cognition and motor skills, and provides age appropriate materials to support your little ones learning and development. Our program stimulates curiosity and an appreciation for art, music, language, math and science, and incorporates gymnastics lessons taught in our state-of-the-art gym facility. These enriching school experiences help develop confident, joyful learners.

Preschool Program (2-3.5 years)

Our Preschool Program will help your child build understanding of routines and offer exciting activities that are designed to help develop their emerging mental and physical coordination and gross motor development. Your two-year-old will be provided with small and large group experiences, and will be given a soft introduction to collaborative learning. We will focus on cognitive, language, and communication development, as well as physical, social and emotional growth and focus and self-regulation. Tulip Kids Teachers will choose experiences that focus on reaching milestones for each child in the program. Our program is set to provide the tools that nurture a real love for learning, inspire problem solving and expand curiosity while giving full support to your child’s development. With our skill based Mother Goose Curriculum, your child will be given support in these various domains: social/emotional, physical, mathematics, science, art, thematic units and language and cognitive development.

Pre-K Program (3.5-5 years)

Tulip Kids Academy offers a very unique Pre-K program for children ages 3.5 to 5years old. Our program gives children various opportunities to become engrossed in their early child development skills.  As children participate in our program, they are naturally exposed to skills which support social-emotional, physical, language and literacy, math and reasoning, social studies, science, creative development and second language acquisition. These skills, when combined with play and exploration, a nurturing environment, intentional teaching practices, and meaningful relationships support a child’s beginning stages in school readiness. Our Pre-K Program is stimulating and will challenge and engage your student. Your child will without a doubt foster a love for learning while building on their personal, social and independence skills.


Our Upcoming Events & Activities

Oct 10th

Nutrition Day


Kids will bring different fruits and share it to make fruit salad.

Kids will bring different fruits and share it to make fruit salad.

Oct 19th

First PTM


Parents & teachers meet to share details of kids performance till September

Oct 24th

Diwali Potluck


Kids will bring homemade food and sweet and share with everyone

Oct 31st

Halloween Day


Kids will learn how Halloween is celebrated in USA, we are going to create the same ambience as done in our USA centers

Our School


One of the most important decisions you are going to make for your child is selecting a preschool for them. The kind of preschool you pick will affect your child’s physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development and its pace. Facilities at our pre-school ensure just that.

Carefully Designed Rooms

Each room is carefully designed keeping in mind the age of the child. The artful décor emanates warmth, curiosity and coziness that instantly makes the little ones feel at home

Large Outdoor Playarea
We know children need space to learn, grow and play and so we have large outdoor play area with soft surface. Non-toxic and age appropriate toys and play sets are kept for physical growth.
Safe and Enabling Environment
For us safety of children is of utmost importance and thus we help prepare children for higher education in a safe environment with CCTV and Wi-Fi enables facility
Cutting Edge Technology
Cutting edge technological tools and teaching tools by virtue of being a US based preschool helps foster growth and development
Real Time Parent Communication
Apps designed to keep you updated of your loved ones activities and milestones as it happens in the school

Years of Experience


Branches In USA


Get In Touch

Location: 11, Bima Nagar, Anand Bazaar Indore, India

Call : 095755 45952 / 0731 - 4999788

Email: info@tulipkidsindia.com

Office Hours: M-S: 9 AM - 3 PM

School Hours: M-F: 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM