About Us

Explore the unique qualities that make Tulip Kids Inc. stand out as a premier choice for early childhood education, not just in Indore but globally. Founded in the USA in 2010, Tulip Kids Inc. specializes in delivering exceptional Child-Care, Preschool, After School, and Summer programs across various locations in the USA.

The distinguishing factor of Tulip Kids lies in their commitment to a comprehensive development approach, emphasizing the nurturing of every aspect of a child’s growth. They adopt the innovative “multiple intelligence theory” in their educational practices, equipping children with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive confidently in their future endeavors and laying a solid groundwork for continuous learning throughout their lives.


At Tulip Kids, our educational approach is deeply rooted in the Multiple Intelligence theory, conceptualized by Howard Gardner, a renowned professor of education at Harvard University. We recognize that every child has unique learning needs and preferences. To cater to this diversity, our teaching methods are varied and dynamic, encompassing music, cooperative learning, art activities, role-playing, multimedia use, field trips, and introspective activities, among others.

We see children at Tulip Kids as integral contributors to their learning journey. The curriculum is designed around their individual interests and needs, making education a more personalized and impactful experience. Our thematic teaching approach interweaves different subjects like social studies, emergent literacy, math, science, music, art, and sports, giving children a comprehensive and connected learning experience. Emphasizing the importance of play and exploration, we ensure that every classroom offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum that enhances and expands each child’s abilities and knowledge base.

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