Student Safety Session by The Indore Singham at Tulip Kids

Tulip Kids international imparts and believes in “Thematic Based Learning”. As part of its week-long theme of “Safety”, Tulip Kids International invited the Celebrity fame and popularly known as “The Indore Singham”, Traffic Police Inspector Mr. Ranjeet Singh to address the kids and the staff to talk about Road Safety and other Safety measures in general.

Though Mr. Ranjeet looks very tough due to his moustache and his personality, he was extremely friendly, patient and connected very well with all the kids at Tulip Kids International.

The outside play-area was transformed to give a look and feel of an intersection with cutouts of traffic signal, pedestrian walk, zebra crossing, and toy cars for demo by the creative staff.

Mr. Ranjeet Singh, literally went on his toes to get along with the kids, showed them physically when to stop for cars and asked kids riding the cars to stop for pedestrians walking on the “zebra crossing”. The kids at Tulip absolutely loved “The Indore Singham” and interacted well with him.

The Safety Week theme was designed and executed under the leadership of the Center Director Mrs. Nisha Sharma and her wonderful team of teachers and staff and the India Team Leads Ms. Meenal Shah and Ms. Rashmi Saxena.

Tulip Kids International strongly believes in hands on teaching and educating the kids from the stories of Real-Life heroes.