“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin” 

Parents never settle for a mediocre choice when it’s about their child’s future. With the tremendous growth in the education sector, you will find schools in every nook and corner, but finding the right preschool for your toddler is going to be a tall task for parents. While you check the background of the preschool or visit the school make sure they meet these essential criteria.


Does Preschool Provide An Engaging And Secure Environment?

  • Kids Love To Stay Occupied! They are tiny packets filled with an abundance of energy. You can’t make them sit in one place and pass your commands. Enquire from the alumni about the activities conducted in the preschool. Regular outdoor activities and fun learning activities with the curriculum enhances their learning capability. Make sure the preschool you have selected has a spacious playground for your kid to explore around in the mud.
  • Toddler’s Safety Should Be A Concern. Preschools need to have CCTV cameras installed on the premises to monitor every kid. This ensures the toddler’s safety and resolves the parent’s concerns, and gives them a sigh of relief. 

Along with a secure environment, parents need to check if the preschool has essential amenities on its premises. Hygienic premises, well-ventilated space, trained, passionate, disciplined, and patient faculty all counts.


Does Preschool Have A Provision For Quick Regular Updates For Parents?

Honestly, working parents are already juggling between work and kids. Most of the time the kids are dropped at the daycare center in the nearby location and they proceed towards their work. All they need is a quick update on their kids so that they can continue with their work peacefully. Updates can be provided through a weekly parent-teacher meeting. The suggestions and discussions in the meeting would help the teacher to teach and understand the kids more efficiently. It also gives an insight to parents about their ward’s activity and their behavior. Certain suggestions given during the parents-teachers meeting may benefit the institution as well. Well, most the preschool do try to provide an update through an automated system or conduct routine meetings


Finding The Best Amongst The Rest

Just like precious gems, good teachers are rare to find! Especially for preschool teaching, one needs a special degree. So if you find a preschool institution with NAEYC Certification or similar accreditation you should not delay the admission process. 


Individual Attention To Toddlers 

The teacher-student ratio is a vital parameter in a preschool. Because if the preschool lacks an adequate amount of teachers, it can become stressful for the teachers to give individual attention to the kids. Stuffing more kids in a room can make learning ineffective for the kids and difficult situation for the teachers to manage the class. So, you need to hunt for a place where the student-teacher is low. 


Preschool Curriculum

The curriculum is something that has to be updated frequently. The curriculum should have activity-based teaching incorporated as kids tend to learn and grasp things rapidly when they are involved in the activities. Several preschool curriculum options are available for early development schools, and one widely praised amongst the circle is the Mother Goose Curriculum. This type of curriculum fosters your child in all aspects – Physical, emotional, social, and educational.   

This curriculum, combined with a nurturing environment and passionate teaching practices, supports and prepares your child for the next step in their life!


Finding The Preschool Near You

Last but not least, finding a preschool in a nearby location is a huge task. If you have one, then great. Get Enrolled.


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