Everyday we all come across disturbing news, especially regarding kids which makes us question the safety of our kids. Touch is an important sensing process for kids, as it helps them understand their environment and the people around them. It is essential for parents to educate kids about good touch and bad touch so they can save their kids from getting abused. 


Being well aware of the fact that parents are the first person with whom kids can communicate without any hesitation, preschool programs near you in Indore also take equal initiative in educating kids for the same. Although a lot of people think that it is easier to teach children the difference between good and bad touch, the reality is it is not. Just saying/ asking them to say the phrase “don’t touch”, doesn’t work. You will have to spend some time over this and explain them in a simplified manner. 


Here are some of the things which you need to be aware of while starting the conversation about the good and bad touch with preschoolers – 

Your Expression Says It All

Parents should always maintain a neutral face whenever they interact with the children regarding this topic while at the same time showing that they are still in charge of the situation. This avoids kids from negatively interpreting things or feeling uncomfortable about the topic. You can also teach them how to be tactful in expressing themselves when they feel uncomfortable with someone else’s touch.


Comfortable Or Not?

Parents should also be aware of what their child feels comfortable with and what not.  For example- If a child does not like being touched by a particular person or strangers, have a talk with your kid and try to understand their concern. Remember – you need to be their friend so they can share their concerns without hesitation. 


Is This A Good Or A Bad Touch?

It is important for parents to explain why certain actions are considered inappropriate. Explain to them the difference between the good and bad touch. For example – some one handshaking or patting on your back don’t make them feel uncomfortable or anxious. However, in case of bad touch, the actions would make them feel nervous and uncomfortable. You will need to explain to them that one cannot touch their chest or breast, buttocks and the area between their legs. To make this conversation easier, you can take the help of a chart and explain it to your kids. Teach them what to do if anyone tries to touch their private parts without their consent. Ask them to speak up if anyone asks them to stay quiet or scares them. Assure them that you are available to help them out. 


Don’t forget to make them understand to value and respect others boundaries as well. Seek for elders help in case of any problem. 


As a parent and as a teacher elders need to guide the preschoolers and ensure that the kids are not silently fighting their battles. You can save your kids from getting abused by educating them about touch and how to seek help. 

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