Why Public Speaking Skills Need To Be Encouraged?

As Indians, we love to watch debate shows. We get amused by the participants exchanging their ideas and placing their opinions on a particular topic. Have you ever thought about how their journey of being bold in front of a huge audience might have started? Of course, because of their motivating parents who made them speak in the crowd and ignited their self-confidence.

Why is Public Speaking Skill Necessary For Kids?

How can you as a parent Encourage Public Speaking Skills?

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Like any other creative field, even Public speaking is an art. It isn’t a compulsion that you need to innate this skill. But with exposure and experience, you tend to gain confidence and master public speaking skills. Also, public speaking skills should be inculcated at an early age, to make the future generation capable enough to place their opinions and views in the room. If your kid is going to be meek and shy, then surviving in this cutthroat world could get harsh for them. As a parent, you need to boost their confidence and boldness in them. Even the orator delivering a speech for decades will experience slight nervousness just like us. But they have overcome the stage fear with their constant exposure to the stage, which made them confident enough. Often, we miss out on such an important element that is essential in early education. 

How Parents Can Encourage Kids For Public Speaking?

Discover Their Hidden Interests

Every kid has a unique interest in a certain area. You just need to tap that particular area to develop their interest and expertise. Let them explore various subject matter to discover their interest. One of the primary mediums to explore this could be reading books, listening to discussions and news, or through the popular medium of the new generation – The Internet.

Talk With Mirror to Boost Confidence

In the initial phase, public speaking is going to be difficult for kids. All you can do is encourage kids to talk in front of the mirror to remove the feeling of being judged by others. The feeling of being judged will turn on your conscious then you tend to make mistakes. Mirror talking boosts your confidence because you know there is no one else in the room. It automatically sends out your words loud and clear. Plan B – you can make them talk in front of you, to correct their mistakes and help them realize the important brownie points

Parents Can Encourage To Master Public Speaking Skills

You can lend your support in various ways. Motivate them to participate in the school debates and other competitions. Don’t restrict yourselves to just encouraging, appreciate them for their tiny efforts and their participation. Because trying matters the most. Make it more than winning a competition and make them understand the takeaway points from the experience. 

Allow them to express their thoughts on the topic. Have an open discussion with your kid. Share your opinions. Teach them the basic etiquette of public speaking and encourage healthy speaking skills. This habit journey starts from home.

Strengthening The Foundation With Books

When you participate in public speaking programs you need to research a lot. During this process, kids end up expanding their knowledge graph. As a parent, you can encourage and help them in reading books. This will expand their wisdom. Reading books will help them in exploring different genres and topics, a key player in updating their fact sheet.  

Body Language Is The Mirror To Your Confidence

Experts believe that body language is the mirror of your thoughts. The way you stand, your posture, hand gestures and eye contact convey a lot about you. We have listed some easy tips for kids through which they can work on their body language and boost their confidence.

  • Don’t restrict and keep yourself stiff. Make use of hand gestures to convey your point. 
  • Try to make eye contact with the audience with movement. Don’t glue your eyes to the ground or just to one person.
  • Try to maintain an upright posture. 
  • Make them understand how different postures would mean to others. For ex – the message conveyed through open arms and closed arms is – Open arms convey the acceptance of suggestions and openness whereas the closed arms signal the vice versa. A smile and nodding head are also considered positive body language. Some small tips will go a long way and you never know you might have a future orator at your home!


Take a look at the Advantages Of Public Speaking In Preschool Kids through enrichment programs

  • A Platform To Enhance Public Speaking Skills For Kids.
  • Widening The Horizons Of Speech & Vocabulary 
  • Boosts Confidence In Kids
  • Public Speaking Acts As a Channel For Introverted Kids To Place Their Opinions


The whole point of this exercise is to make kids confident enough to place their views confidently in front of the audience. As a parent now the ball is in your court. Enrol your kids in the Best Preschool In Indore to provide them with great extracurricular exposure and early childhood education.

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