Parents Role In Online Learning

While the world is fighting the pandemic, kids are trying to adapt themselves to the new “normal” – online education. For 2 years, kids are kept away from schools and learning new things from the screen. Online education is great, no doubt. But kids have lost the social interaction and physical activities, being caged at home, affecting their emotional well-being. During these tough times, parents and teachers play a crucial role in holding them together. But what more can parents do from their end to make this online learning journey best for their kids?


How Parents Can Motivate Their Kids For Online Learning?

Daily Dose Of Encouragement

As adults, if we are struggling with a new normal system, they are just kids. Try to be kind and praise them for their tiny efforts. Your small words can go a long way. Encourage them to achieve more. This daily dose of encouragement for online classes & learning will boost child’s confidence.

Not Every Kid Is Same

Like flowers, every kid is different. Your kid is unique in their way and you need to understand that fact. Let them explore their interests in extracurricular activities. Just studying academics won’t lead them anywhere. Encourage them to pursue new hobbies. Don’t pressurize them to achieve anything that they don’t want to do. This will significantly affect their performance.
Kids Standing in Line

Talk To Your Kids

Talk therapy is always underestimated by people. Talking with a child can reveal a lot about their issues. Working parents often don’t get an opportunity to sit with their kids and know about online routines. Ask them about their whereabouts, talk to them about their activities and studies. This can be a bridge to enhance your relationship with your kid, building trust and faith in you while addressing their issues.

Make Them Learn Through Activities

There is a huge difference in physical teaching and online mode of teaching. Even though teachers make an effort to reach out to every student, making kids indulge in activities, making them comfortable is partially the parent’s responsibility as well. Parents can teach their kids through daily activities or by giving them small tasks.

Encourage Kids For Online Learning

Reward Your Kids

This technique has been in use since generations. Kids complete their tasks efficiently because they will get a reward for it. Use reward systems to encourage their positive habits. For e.g.- If you complete this task you will get to play an hour extra or any other activity.

Please do not use a reward system to bribe your kids. It will have a negative impact on their behavior as well as on their attitude.

Break From Screen Time

Break Screen Time in Kids

Handing over the gadgets to kids isn’t a very great option at this age. Parents tend to commit this mistake very often, especially when they are unable to give attention towards them. Watching screens for long hours at a young age might prove harmful to their vision. Engage them in small activities along with you. Supervise their activities. This will make your work interesting as well as it will be a fun activity for kids. Working parents might not be able to give more time, However, working parents should consider daycare for kids, instead of giving mobiles / tablets for long durations.
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