Pros & Cons of Sending Infant Kids To Day Care & Why Indian Parents Should Consider It

What Is The Current Scenario With Indian Parents?

The current scenario with families is both parents go out for work. Most people residing in cities are in a nuclear family, which has resulted in a stressful situation about who is going to take care of the kids? In India, daycare is still considered as a no-go zone and portrays parents as a villain. But is it really true? Statistically, if things are analyzed, then in recent years, there is a sharp increase in nuclear families (including in rural areas). Due to increasing financial pressure, both parents are forced to go for a job. But, this affects the kid’s early life nurturing. Then let’s talk about the solutions – Either you can compromise with your job, which will affect your family income, or choose kids daycare as a better option. Now a question might arise: we can choose grandparents for taking care of kids. But what about those who don’t have one or when grandparents are staying far away. Out of all these options, sending an infant to daycare seems to be a better one. So let’s have a look at both sides of the coin.

Pros of sending a kid to daycare

1. Professional Attention

Daycare has specialized and expert staff to deal with infants. So even when you are away from your kid, there is someone out to keep an eye on. Even if they are feeling uncomfortable or sick, daycare staff would immediately seek medical attention.

2. Individual attention to their actions

Daycare makes sure to pay attention to each kid to observe their actions. According to child psychology, a child’s actions can reveal a lot about their personality at an early age. 

3. Exposure builds immunity

Home is a very protected and safe environment for kids. But, when they are exposed to the outer environment, it makes them stronger and builds their immunity to fight diseases.

4. Wall of safety

When infants are around, you need to be extra careful, they tend to swallow the tiny things around. Daycare makes sure to monitor every kid and that they are not surrounded by such things in their vicinity

5. Work-life balance

Parents work round the clock to make their living better. Daycare would provide them some extra ‘ME time’ and time to relax. This would reduce their burden and stress too. Daycare is also the best option for a single parent.

6. Specialized care

The care and nurturing which a kid would miss, being away from home is fulfilled here. Being around peers, engaging activities, and a new atmosphere sets everything right for kids. 

Cons of choosing a daycare

1. You miss out on important events

The early age of a kid is indeed a special stage for parents. Their first crawl, first walk, the first word, everything is a milestone for parents. You would miss these special moments if kids are in daycare. Spending time with kids and building a connection with your kid matters to know their likes and dislikes at an early age. Additionally, kids might or might not like the daycare environment due to various reasons.

 2. Risk of infections

Exposing your kid to the outside world for stronger immunity is good. But a daycare has several infants. If one of the infants is already sick, then others are also vulnerable to infections. And not to forget, kids are susceptible to infections.

3. Nurturing values

The infant stage in a kid’s life is a critical age. They tend to observe, hear, and learn a lot from their surroundings. This is the age where they learn their mother tongue, observe their relatives and learn from them. Daycare can’t teach them your mother tongue and inculcate your family values and culture in them

4. Cost & Flexibility

Daycare might be expensive for some families. Even if they can afford the price, the timings need to be flexible for the parents to enroll their kids.

To sum up, as the world is progressing every day, things are changing constantly. But the real question is are you ready to accept the shift in the paradigm of emerging daycares and enroll your kids in daycare.