Do you know what is the most difficult for a parent? To make their toddlers eat healthy food and keep them away from junk food. Because eating habits learned in childhood shape our eating habits as adults. Well, we know this won’t be an easy task for you, so we are here to assist you in this journey. 

Early childhood age i.e. the age group of 1-3 years, is the period when your child starts developing food preferences. You will need to explore a range of tactics to make them eat the right food. Then, what about the grown-ups? We can resolve that as well. Our blog will answer all your queries regarding inculcating the correct eating habits in your child.


How Daycare Near You Will Help You With This Issue?


Respect the food and Disciplined eating 

The best way to encourage children to eat healthy is to fill their plates with the right amount of food and not waste it. At home, children are often encouraged to eat more by their family members, which makes their plates overflow with food. Allow them to consume food according to their appetite. 


Fix Your Child’s Meal Routine

At daycare, they follow a fixed time for eating meals. This can regulate their erratic food habits and inculcate a meal routine in them.  Following a fixed meal schedule can reduce their junk food consumption.


Say Bye to Lonely Meal Time

The majority of working parents face this problem. Due to different work schedules, many working parents are unable to share meals with their children, causing the child to finish the meal alone with the gadget. The scenario won’t be the same at the daycare. At daycare, they are surrounded by their peers, which won’t make them feel lonely. It would be great; if you could make it up for dinner together so you can also get to know your child’s whereabouts. No gadgets, no calls, just you and your child.


Cheat Food Technique

There is always one fruit or vegetable in a child’s diet that is incredibly nutritious but that he or she refuses to eat, no matter how good it is for them. The best method in these situations is to combine that particular food with their favorite dish so they will not be able to figure it out. Trust us this technique has been successful for ages.


Simple Activities During Cooking Sessions

Daycare does conduct simple yet engaging activities like preparing sandwiches, salads, etc. It feels rewarding for them, and they tend to try the food. Additionally, when their peers try the foods, it encourages them as well. At home, mothers can include them in measuring the water, counting the veggies, etc. (kids can be a great cooking partner for you)


Rewards For Trying New Dishes. 

You can bribe them with toys, outings, or letting them watch cartoons to try a new dish. Rewards will motivate them to try more dishes which is an advantage for parents. 


Nutritious Junk Food In Your Innovative Method

Making kids eat fruits can be a tough task for parents. Instead of that, you can come up with innovative methods to make kids eat healthy food like preparing ice candies with fruits, desserts, etc. 


Exploring Taste Diversity

Daycare includes kids from various cultural backgrounds, so the food ate there will be diverse. Here, they will get a chance to explore a variety of tastes. Additionally, kids would get home-cooked food, so no more worries about junk eating. 


When you expect kids to follow a proper routine, you will even need to follow the right eating habits. Because kids follow the footsteps of their parents. Choosing the right daycare will help you in fixing your kid’s eating habits. If you are searching for daycare in Indore, Tulip kids Daycare can be your best option to consider. For more details about daycare facilities or preschool enrollment, you can contact us on +91-9575545952 or mail us at